Surviving the times

jag har skrivit en ny låt. ska nog snart spela in den. tänkte köra den över NAS - surviving the times. alltså beatet.
men jag har gjort om formen i hur låten är uppbyggd eftersom det inte refrängerna är med i beatet tänkte jag fixa mer sampling från låten dom har samplat från (jag har till och med länkat låten i texten och skrivit lyricsen) så ni ser vilken del jag tänkte ha med.

Intro - Sample]
But that's the whole tragic point, my friends
What would I do if I could suddenly feel?
And to know once again that what I feel is real?
I could cry, I could smile
I might lay back for a while
Tell me what (what) what would I do
If I could feel?

{beat picks up}

[Verse One]
I was young, got a pretty god start
startin with darts and sudenlly I start to spit art
hopin for my life to be the greatest punchline
no time, had to break the pattern, cross the line
its the trouble,on of my fam just past away, (prays)
hope they can take me somewhere someday
maybe I'll se you again one day
n its the struggles, I guess the mic saved me
since I was kiddie, I've been inloved with hiphop
diggin pac on the toilett and I just started to cope
gone,he's past, watch ur clock time move fast
was associated with the ugly duck,right
now they lookin at me like that shawtys tight
Chasing my ambitions, never could I endur defeat
Erasing the collisions that occur on these streets
tradgedy,runnin from a store,grabbin some sweets

"and If a tear should fall from my eye
just think of all wounds it could mend
just think of all the time I could spend
just being vunerable again"

[verse two]
n its the struggles, I guess the microphone saved me
old days,old ways(haha) but its comin on replay
to old when I got my first countin crush
spontaneously met a guy who just became dust
my current boy seems to have the case of an ex
n that really sucks cuz we have pretty good sex
and Im sorry nice girls shouldnt talk like that
they also say that a nice girl shouldnt start rap
its OK, Im still surviving theese times
hoping for my life to be the greatest punchline
miss my granny so I send so thaughts to the sky
you know I love you even thou I never said goodbye
and Im sorry L, I hope heaven treat you well
I guess my pain smellin better than it tells
god forgive my sins and everything I says
grandma try to turn your eyes away


[verse three]
I guess you know me, here is my life in a hologram
so Next time we'll meet you should call me madame
L.I.F.E, living in fire eternally
care for the environment but it dont concern me
keep your hopes up, mam I'll be gone some day
dont get me wrong thou, I really wanna stay


What would I do?
If I could reach inside of me?
And to know how it feels to say
"I like what I see..."

© Jennifer Hellqvist


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