Detta kan inte vara sant?! måste jag vänta tills 2010!


If there’s anyone with a story to tell it’s Kanye West. The rap star/awards show nuisance is releasing VH1 Storytellers, a two-disc CD/DVD on January 5th, 2010. Direct from Def Jam, the product features 70-plus minutes of performance footage and audio, a Q&A session and previously unreleased performances.

The original Storytellers episode, which aired Feb. 28., includes performances of “Good Life,” “Stronger,” “Heartless,” and “Flashing Lights.”


According to Paste, VH1 cut half of West’s three-hour session on the Los Angeles soundstage, including some rather choice words.

He told the crowd that, after frontman Thom Yorke apparently ignored him backstage at this year’s Grammy Awards, West “sat the fuck down” when the band stepped on stage to perform.

Oh, that’s just Kanye being ‘Kanye.’

“A lot of the stories that Kanye told went long,” executive producer Bill Flanagan told Reuters back in February after the taping. “I tried to get to the essence of his comments.”

Flanagan said he was “pretty delighted” with the way West opened up to the crowd and took the whole project seriously.

With the Taylor Swift acceptance speech debacle all but a distant pop culture memory, looks as if West is back on the right track; the intriguing rap star just nabbed six Grammy nominations, including Best Rap Song/Collaboration including two for “Ego,” which features Beyonce. The Grammys will be doled out January 31st.


plus, här om dagen hade jag skapligt med spelningar på min myspace på bara en dag! :)
fortsätt gärna kika in!

där var det 223, men i slutet av dagen var det runt 268 eller nått!
as NICE. keep it up fawks, kiss

Postat av: I S A B E L L E - fotoblogg

snygg header! :)

Händer ngt roligt imorgon? :D

2009-12-06 @ 16:42:05
Postat av: Kim "Mrunserious" Björk

Brudar kan inte rappa , dåligt dåligt.. DU kan säkert sjunga egentligen det som är saken , Men det är bara så att tjejer kan inte rappa låter som ni är totalt tondöva , finns bara en Brud som kan rappa och det är Lil Kim..

2009-12-16 @ 21:07:49
Postat av: matte

nice tracks=) hehe mitt rekord är 943 på en dag;)

2009-12-31 @ 23:45:02

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