1.I had a chitchat with god, jumped on a konversation//
2.asked him a few questions, a mad tight relation//
3.he said you should be an MC,spit kills n shed no blood//
4.But do it for the good, use respect love and trust //
5.so I took my rhymes n walked down the way of heaven//
6.Im still keepin it real and got my heart close to seven//
7.so Iluminati want to take bouth my mind n soul//
8.But I never been that smart,so them bitches changed their goal//
9.the lord like my music so he been workin on my dream//
10. like diggin in a goldmine,but the gold aint what it seems//

11.its rather Like a diamond,always wanted, bittersweet//

12.Like im throwing money mixed with bars over beats//
13.plus I got the look,got the booty like a godess//
14.and Yes,imma princess and a MC under progress//

15.so I express to impress plus I do it with finesse//
16.so keep ya ass updated,peace n love ya gurl Jeaff//


1.got my high to sneakers while I jumpin on the radar//
2.into the frekvens,outta the radio and in the air//

3.forget bout the oldschool and let me school yo fo a while//
4.bring your mind n rhymes,nah mix it down with a freestyle//
5.Im livin fo today but Im rappin for tomorrow//
6.to make a worthy voice n make the world wanna follow//
7.aint always this nasty nah I could be your sweetheart//
8.streetsmart,this bitch makin truth into a melody//
9.writin symphonys cockin rhymes,---------------

10.this is my empire do you want to pull the fire//
11.fightin gainst an MC with an heart of desire//


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